Can I take sildenafil for years?

Can Viagra cause permanent impotence?

FOR THE normal, sexually active man, Viagra has a nasty potential side-effect: it can cause permanent impotence, according to one specialist.

Can I take Viagra occasionally?

You shouldn’t take Viagra or medications like it without a prescription. It’s risky due to side effects, possible contaminants in illegal pills, and the risk of developing ED. Some women may experience more sexual desire from taking Viagra, especially if their sexual dysfunction is caused by antidepressants.

Does sildenafil affect your eyesight?

The effects on retinal function are shown as modest and transient visual symptoms, commonly reported as blue vision, increased sensitivity to lights and blurred vision, more often at high doses [41,60]. Karaarslan’s study has reported visual symptoms up to 21 days after taking sildenafil [41].

How many people have gone blind from taking Viagra?

April 1, 2005 — Fourteen men reportedly have had vision loss while taking the erectile dysfunctionerectile dysfunction drug Viagra, say ophthalmologists at the University of Minnesota. The men lost only part of their vision. Cases appear to be very rare.

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