How long do side effects last from sildenafil?

Most men find their side effects go away after 1 hour, and after 12 hours almost all side effects go away.

How do you deal with sildenafil side effects?

Most ED medications are most effective when taken on an empty stomach. However, you can often reduce the severity of headaches and other side effects by eating a light meal before you take Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

Can sildenafil cause damage?

In fact, rarely, Viagra can cause priapism. With this condition, you have a long-lasting and sometimes painful erection. Priapism is a medical emergency that needs to be treated right away. If it’s not treated, the condition can damage the tissues in your penis and cause irreversible erectile dysfunction (ED).

Is Viagra hard on your heart?

Viagra is a vasodilator, meaning it helps open up blood vessels and arteries. That being said, there have been reports of heart attack, stroke, arrhythmia and even death in men taking Viagra.

Can you become Dependant on Viagra?

Although they may become psychologically addictive if misused, there’s no evidence that using Viagra can lead to physical dependence or addiction.

Can Viagra cause a stroke?

Conclusion. Are strokes common side effects of Viagra? No — not by a long shot. For most healthy guys, the most common adverse side effects to worry about with Viagra are headaches, flushing, indigestion, changes in vision, back pain, nausea, dizziness, nasal congestion, rash and muscle pain.

Can Viagra cause palpitations?

Heart palpitations are a rare side effect of Viagra.

Why do I get a headache when I take Viagra?

These signals can lead to changes in blood flow and chemicals in your brain. These changes can cause the pain you feel in your head. Taking Viagra can cause these blood flow and chemical changes that result in a headache.

Is sildenafil an anti-inflammatory?

Sildenafil has at least a partial anti-inflammatory effect through iNOS inhibition, as its effect on iNOS−/− mice was limited. Further studies are required to explain the underlying mechanism of the sildenafil effects.

How do you stop a Viagra headache?

There are some measures you can take to reduce the intensity and duration of a headache when using Viagra or other ED drugs.

  1. Use a Lower Dose of ED Medication.
  2. Eat a small meal before taking Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.
  3. Stay hydrated.
  4. Consider switching ED medications.
  5. Use Over-The-Counter (OTC) pain relievers.

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